XPENG G9 Sets New Benchmark in EV Charging Efficiency at NAF Winter Test

XPENG G9 Sets New Benchmark in EV Charging Efficiency at NAF Winter Test

In a recent display of technological prowess, XPENG Motors has captured the attention of the automotive industry with the remarkable performance of its flagship G9 SUV at the NAF (Norwegian Automobile Federation) and Motor EV Winter Test, known as El Prix 2024. The G9, particularly the 4WD Performance version, achieved a significant milestone by recording the fastest charging time of all vehicles tested at the event.

El Prix 2024, a prestigious biennial event, evaluates the range and charging speed of electric vehicles in the challenging conditions typical of Nordic winters. In this year’s winter test, 23 vehicles from various best-selling and premium brands underwent rigorous evaluation. The XPENG G9 stood out by charging its 93.1 kWh net battery capacity from 10% to 80% in just 19 minutes, demonstrating the vehicle’s exceptional fast charging capability.

In addition, the G9 secured a commendable fifth place in the range test with a real-world deviation rate of 13.1% from its WLTP range. This performance significantly outperformed the average deviation rate of 21.8% for all participating vehicles, underscoring the SUV’s reliable range in real-world conditions.

The XPENG G9’s outstanding charging performance is due to its advanced 800V high-voltage platform. This industry-leading technology not only meets higher safety standards, but also enables faster charging times compared to conventional 400V systems. The vehicle’s 800V SiC (silicon carbide) platform further improves overall power efficiency, resulting in more effective and accurate range estimation.

In addition to its high-voltage platform, the G9’s use of a heat pump and strategic preheating of the battery prior to charging are critical to mitigating the negative effects of cold weather on battery performance. These features contribute to more efficient charging and extended range, even in the frigid conditions experienced during the El Prix.

XPENG’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous advancement of vehicle technology. The company is dedicated to developing clean, intuitive and creative mobility solutions. These include autonomous driving capabilities, SEPA 2.0 and engaging in-car infotainment systems. With headquarters in Guangzhou and Amsterdam, and offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Silicon Valley, XPENG continues to expand its global presence. The company has already launched sales in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other regions, marking its growing influence in the international market.

To sum up, the XPENG G9’s latest achievements in the NAF Winter Test highlight the vehicle’s robust performance in adverse weather conditions and the company’s dedication to technological advancement. The rapid charging capabilities and dependable range of the G9 reflect XPENG’s commitment to excellence and its influential role in the evolution of smart mobility. The G9’s recent accomplishments at the El Prix 2024 stand as a testament to the brand’s pursuit of setting new standards for electric efficiency and on-road performance, shaping the future of smart, electric transportation.2024-02-14T18:12:01.393Z

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