Walmart Enacts Historic Stock Split to Enhance Accessibility for Associates

Walmart Enacts Historic Stock Split to Enhance Accessibility for Associates

Walmart Inc. the renowned retail corporation, has recently declared a pivotal adjustment to its stock configuration, the first of its kind since March 1999. The company has decided to implement a stock split, adjusting its outstanding common stock shares at a 3:1 ratio. This strategic move is anticipated to triple the number of Walmart’s outstanding shares from approximately 2.7 billion to a staggering 8.1 billion. Doug McMillon, the President and CEO, emphasized the significance of this decision as a reflection of the company’s dedication to inclusivity, a principle deeply rooted in the vision of its founder, Sam Walton.

Walmart’s strategy to reassess its trading levels and broaden its share distribution includes initiating a stock split. This will make it easier for associates to acquire shares. Walmart’s Associate Stock Purchase Plan has been a cornerstone of its employee benefits for nearly 30 years. Eligible associates can purchase company stock through payroll deductions, with a 15% company match on the first $1,800 contributed annually.

Walmart’s enduring commitment to its workforce is evident through its competitive compensation packages, comprehensive healthcare benefits and ample opportunities for career progression. The upcoming stock split is the latest initiative to fortify this pledge.

The new shares resulting from the stock split will be distributed after the market closes on February 23, 2024, to shareholders registered as of February 22, 2024. Walmart’s common stock will begin trading on a post-split basis at market opening on February 26, 2024, with the existing trading symbol ‘WMT.’ Walmart’s board of directors has approved the split ratio and the execution of the stock split.

In the wake of the stock split, proportional adjustments will be made to the quantity of shares underpinning Walmart’s outstanding stock awards and warrants, as well as to the shares allocated under the company’s equity incentive plans. These adjustments will also extend to the exercise or conversion prices of these financial instruments, the common stock dividend, and the authorized repurchase programs. In alignment with regulatory requirements, the company is set to file a Form 8-K with the US Securities and Exchange Commission subsequent to the effective date, documenting an amendment to the company‚Äôs Restated Certificate of Incorporation to accurately represent the alterations induced by the stock split.

Walmart’s strategic decision to conduct a stock split after a hiatus of nearly 25 years is indicative of its unwavering commitment to democratizing share ownership for its associates. This move is congruent with the firm’s overarching strategy to cultivate an inclusive and supportive workplace, with a special emphasis on the financial prosperity of its employees. The company continues to uphold its mission to empower people to save money and live better, a commitment that extends to its global family of over 2.1 million associates.2024-02-01T17:27:25.035Z

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