SINTX Technologies Expands Horizons with Aerospace and Medical Innovations


SINTX Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:SINT), a prominent developer and manufacturer of advanced ceramic materials, has recently announced significant strides in both aerospace and medical sectors. The enterprise, known for its expertise in silicon nitride production, has successfully entered into a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) to supply jet engine components, marking a significant expansion from its traditional focus on biomedical implants. The LTA, which extends until the end of 2026 with options for renewal, came into effect following a rigorous two-year qualification process of the company’s operational and quality management systems. This agreement allows SINTX to supply silicon nitride aerospace components, adhering to specified quality, delivery and purchase order metrics. This venture into the aerospace industry represents a strategic diversification, leveraging the company’s advanced manufacturing capabilities developed initially for medical applications.

In addition to aerospace advancements, SINTX has also been awarded a substantial grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to further its research in medical technology. The $1,972,826 Phase II grant supports the development of 3D printed composite silicon nitride – polyetheretherketone (SN-PEEK) spinal implants. This project, which follows a successful Phase I, aims to combine the antibacterial and osteoconductive properties of silicon nitride with the clinical efficacy of PEEK, a material commonly used in spine implants.

The research and development efforts are being conducted in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and other academic partners. The NIH-funded project is expected to pave the way for FDA regulatory clearance of the innovative 3DP SN-PEEK cervical implants, which have shown promising results in preclinical studies in terms of biocompatibility and infection prevention. Moreover, SINTX Technologies has entered into a collaborative agreement with 3DCERAM Sinto, Inc., to develop novel resins and processes for the additive manufacturing of ceramic products. This partnership aims to enhance the production capabilities of silicon nitride-based resins for the biomedical market and potentially revolutionize medical and technical segments with high-quality 3D printed devices.

SINTX Technologies continues to demonstrate its leadership in the field of advanced ceramics by venturing into new market segments and forging strategic partnerships. These developments not only enhance the company’s product portfolio but also contribute to its long-term growth strategy. As the company moves forward, the industry watches closely to see how its innovations will impact the broader landscape of aerospace and medical technologies.


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