SeanieMac Surpasses Turnover Milestone, Targets Expansion in Irish Market

SeanieMac Surpasses Turnover Milestone, Targets Expansion in Irish Market

SeanieMac Ltd. an Irish gaming company, recently announced that it has achieved a significant milestone in its business operations. The company reported surpassing an annualized turnover of $12,000,000 shortly after the launch of its new platform. This development marks a notable achievement for SeanieMac, which has set forth ambitious targets to increase this figure to $24,000,000 in November and aims to reach $48,000,000 by December. The attainment of these objectives would enable the company to become cash flow positive on a monthly basis.

In pursuit of its growth strategy, SeanieMac is leveraging internal capital and is in the process of finalizing a Line of Credit. The company’s management is actively engaged in reviewing closing documents with company counsel, with both parties working towards a November closing date. This is subject to the final underwriting approval by the lending institution.

SeanieMac operates SeanieMac.com, an online sports and casino wagering platform that offers a diverse range of gaming options. The platform is designed to cater to the preferences of gamblers, with a wide array of betting categories available. The company’s primary focus is on capturing the Irish market. It places a particular emphasis on Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) games, Irish horse racing, and soccer, aiming to lead the market in sports betting and casino gaming. The platform offers traditional and live casino games, poker, bingo, and interactive skilled games, all tailored to provide a user-friendly experience for online gambling enthusiasts.

The company has made a clear distinction regarding its market, stating that it does not market to US residents and actively discourages them from using its wagering services. This delineation comes as the Irish gambling industry experiences steady growth, with online gambling revenue in Ireland projected to reach significant figures. Gaelic Games, which are a national pastime in Ireland, are also gaining international popularity, especially in regions with substantial Irish communities.

SeanieMac Ltd. has reached a pivotal point in its business trajectory with the achievement of a substantial annualized turnover. The company’s strategic focus on the Irish market, with an emphasis on popular local sports and gaming preferences, is in alignment with its mission to provide a premier online gambling experience. The firm’s proactive approach to growth, particularly its pursuit of a Line of Credit, demonstrates its commitment to expanding its operations and enhancing its service offerings. 2024-01-25T17:43:15.454Z

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