Samsara Inc. Partners with USIC to Revolutionize Utility Field Operations

Samsara Inc. Partners with USIC to Revolutionize Utility Field Operations

In a significant development for the utility sector, Samsara Inc. has joined forces with USIC to bring about a transformative change in underground utility field operations. This partnership heralds a new era of digitization, with a focus on enhancing safety, efficiency and sustainability in service delivery across the United States. USIC, a leading authority in underground utility damage prevention, has embraced Samsara’s Connected Operations™ Cloud technology to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving infrastructure landscape.

Richard Batelaan, the Chief Operating Officer at USIC, has underscored the critical role of this alliance in bolstering the nation’s infrastructure development. The deployment of Samsara’s real-time data capabilities is instrumental in safeguarding technicians and ensuring the steadfast reliability of services provided to communities. USIC’s pledge to a Safe-Life culture and the goal of achieving zero safety incidents gain substantial support from Samsara’s technology, which facilitates instantaneous incident detection and in-cab coaching for technicians. The pilot phase of this collaboration has already yielded impressive results, with USIC witnessing a marked decrease in unsafe driving behaviors among its technicians. Tom Karnowski, Vice President of Environment, Health and Safety at USIC, has lauded the user-friendly nature of Samsara’s platform and its significant contribution to enhancing road safety, where technicians encounter the greatest risks.

Beyond safety improvements, USIC’s commitment extends to environmental stewardship and sustainability. Leveraging Samsara Vehicle Telematics, the firm anticipates advancements in fuel efficiency and a reduction in carbon emissions, in line with its environmental responsibilities. The real-time data from Samsara’s platform also facilitates the optimization of vehicle usage and customer service, addressing the delays previously encountered with other providers.

The strategic partnership between Samsara and USIC is a milestone in the digitization of utility field operations. By harnessing the power of innovative technology, USIC is on course to not only bolster the safety of its workforce but also to enhance operational efficiency and maintain its dedication to sustainability. This collaboration showcases the transformative impact of Connected Operations™ Cloud technology in fortifying essential infrastructure services and promoting the welfare of communities nationwide.2024-03-08T17:06:11.746Z

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