Oliveda International, Inc. Charts Course for Expansion and Nasdaq Aspirations

Oliveda International, Inc. Charts Course for Expansion and Nasdaq Aspirations

Oliveda International, Inc. a company renowned for its innovative approach to beauty through the use of olive tree-based products, has recently announced a strategic decision that is poised to shape its future trajectory. The Board of Directors, in a session on October 5, 2023, resolved to target a listing on the Nasdaq stock market by October 2025. This decision aligns with the company’s objectives to finance its growth initiatives and broaden its footprint, particularly within the Sierra Morena nature reserve. The acquisition of an additional 350 hectares and 13,700 ancient mountain olive trees is a part of this expansion plan, along with enhancing its production capabilities in the United States.

Since its United States launch on March 1, 2023, Oliveda International has experienced a warm reception and a remarkable growth pattern, with reports indicating a month-over-month increase of up to 35%. Within a mere six months, the company has made significant strides in the American market, rallying a network of over 2,583 waterless beauty consultants to champion the brand. The company’s ambitious strategy includes scaling this network to over 30,000 consultants within the next 24 months. The goal is to make waterless beauty a household concept for at least 10 million American homes, focusing on those who experience skin inflammation or skin-related ailments.

The inception of Oliveda International traces back to 2003 when founder Thomas Lommel, initially a German real estate investor, ventured into the realm of beauty innovation. The company has since emerged as a frontrunner in the beauty industry, with its pioneering olive tree frequency technology. Its subsidiary, Olive Tree People Inc. oversees a portfolio of brands including Oliveda, LA Dope, Olive Reconnected, and OliveMush. The company’s origin story is rooted in the legendary olive treehouse, where Lommel formulated his inaugural product, an olive leaf elixir. This elixir, which boasts a higher concentration than olive oil, has been recognized by conventional medicine for its health benefits and serves as the foundational ingredient in the company’s skincare line, replacing water in creams and serums.

Beyond its role in the beauty industry, Oliveda International, through its subsidiary operations, is a staunch conservationist in Arroyomolinos de Leó, Spain. The company’s commitment to eco-certification and the preservation of mountain olive trees underscores its dedication to sustainability and the promotion of natural beauty solutions.

Oliveda International, Inc. is navigating a path of vigorous expansion and market penetration. Its unique positioning in the beauty market, leveraging the inherent benefits of olive trees, distinguishes it from competitors. With a vision to augment its consultant network and introduce its distinctive waterless beauty products to a broader American audience, the company is moving towards a significant milestone with its anticipated Nasdaq listing. This milestone reflects its dedication to growth and its belief in nature’s ability to enrich human health and beauty. Standing on a solid foundation with a strategic plan in place, the company is well-equipped to forge ahead as a leading entity in the beauty sector.2024-01-23T18:04:47.910Z

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