NUS Medicine introducing holographic GI care training and more briefs

NUS Medicine to introduce holographic GI module

The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS Medicine) has tied up with GigXR, a California-based provider of holographic healthcare training, to introduce a new mixed reality-based (MR) training module for treating and diagnosing acute gastrointestinal diseases.

GigXR’s HoloScenarios: Gastrointestinal module on the Gig Immersive Learning Platform presents a holographic simulation of a clinical setting featuring patients, medical equipment, instructors, and learners. It will deliver simulated scenarios across gastrointestinal pathologies, including gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal obstruction, and chronic liver failure, among complex and potentially critical situations. 

The module, which is set to be launched next year, was created in collaboration with NUS Medicine GI surgery and holographic medical training specialists. Since last year, NUS Medicine has been using holographic technology to supplement medical learning as part of Project Polaris with Microsoft.

Fujitsu, Toppan tie up for big data analysis 

Japanese companies Fujitsu and Toppan have entered into a business alliance to offer advanced big data analysis services for hospital organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

According to a press statement, Toppan will combine its analytical expertise with Fujitsu’s data cleansing capability to introduce SaaS analytics services leveraging anonymised EMR data. 

As part of the collaboration, both companies will also collect unused data items, such as discharge summaries, nursing records, and surgical records, on top of EMR data, from partner medical institutions and the J-MIMO (Japan Medical Association Medical Information Management Organization) to build up their database for big data analysis. 

NalaGenetics onboards Indonesia’s national genomics programme

Biotechnology firm NalaGenetics is the latest to join Indonesia’s Biomedical and Genome Science Initiative (BGSi). 

Based on a press release, the company will provide expert sequencing and make bioinformatics contributions to BGSi, which aims to promote precision medicine through genomics. 

NalaGenetics now stands alongside DNA data company Asa Ren, together with its AI partner G42, in supporting the national genomics programme. 

Apollo Spectra launches tele-ICU 

Apollo Spectra Hospitals, multispecialty surgery provider under the Apollo Group in India, is now delivering critical care services via telemedicine. 

HealthNet Global (HNG), also part of the Apollo Group, has helped launch the new tele-ICU programme, which connects Apollo Spectra’s ICU to the Apollo Hyderabad Command Centre via the HNG telemedicine platform.

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