Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. Enhances Safety in Construction with Titan Cranes Partnership

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. Enhances Safety in Construction with Titan Cranes Partnership

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ:INBS), a trailblazer in medical technology, has recently unveiled a key advancement in the realm of workplace safety. The company has partnered with Titan Cranes and Rigging Pty Ltd., a prominent figure in the Australasian construction industry, to incorporate its Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System into Titan’s safety measures. This integration is a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering a secure and productive environment for its workforce.

The construction industry is an essential segment of Australia’s economy, employing a vast number of individuals and making a significant contribution to the national GDP. Titan, known for its proficiency in lifting solutions and labor services, has implemented the Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System for its team of over 350 workers. This innovative testing method, which uses fingerprint sweat to swiftly and accurately detect drug use, is a step forward in non-invasive testing technology. It allows for quick results, enhancing Titan’s commitment to operational efficiency and safety standards.

President and CEO Harry Simeonidis has voiced his excitement regarding the international recognition of their drug screening product as a trusted solution. The company is intent on expanding its influence within the construction sector, assisting organizations in tackling the issues of drug use and impairment in the workplace.

Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. is leading the charge in the development of rapid, non-invasive testing solutions that are set to revolutionize portable testing through fingerprint sweat analysis. The Intelligent Fingerprinting Drug Screening System is a hygienic and cost-effective method, capable of detecting various drugs commonly found in workplace environments. Its simplicity, with sample collection completed in seconds and results ready in under ten minutes, makes it an indispensable tool for employers in industries where safety is paramount.

Additionally, the company’s biosensor platform has the capacity to test for a wide array of up to 130 indications, potentially including glucose levels, immune disorders, and infectious diseases. Its client base extends across multiple sectors, such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, drug treatment and forensic medicine.

Titan Cranes and Rigging Pty Ltd., established in 2001, has built a solid reputation as a leader in specialized material handling in the Australasian region. Its commitment to business ethics, quality service, a safe working environment, relationship management, and dedication to each project is evident to adopt the drug screening system from Intelligent Bio Solutions.

The collaboration between Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc. and Titan Cranes and Rigging Pty Ltd. signifies a notable advancement in enhancing workplace safety within the construction industry. Titan’s proactive implementation of the company’s state-of-the-art drug screening technology underscores a commitment to maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. This partnership not only bolsters the firm’s operational capabilities but also highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and its potential to make a positive impact across various industries.2024-02-05T17:54:20.945Z

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