HIMSS to showcase new modernized INFRAM at global conference

HIMSS this week announced an update and modernization of its Infrastructure Adoption Model.

The new INFRAM maturity framework is now centered around five key imperatives for healthcare organizations, and is designed to help ensure providers’ IT infrastructure is deployed in such a way that it enables  measurable contributions to them:

  • cybersecurity

  • adoption

  • sustainability

  • performance

  • outcomes

HIMSS (parent company of Healthcare IT News) gathered input and guidance from a global board of healthcare IT experts in redesigning the existing INFRAM model, in order to better help health system leaders analyze and optimize their organizations’ technical infrastructure.

INFRAM helps hospitals and health systems perform a comprehensive assessment that can spot critical gaps and potential risks in a given facility’s infrastructure architecture. It also helps highlight new IT investment opportunities and offers a toolkit and roadmap for future improvements, according to HIMSS.

Like other HIMSS adoption models, INFRAM is structured around a ladder of eight maturity stages – from zero to seven– to help health systems make the right technology investments for lasting success with both hardware and software, offering an evidence-based framework to help realize the full value and potential of their IT infrastructure.

Currently, only two health systems in the world have attained INFRAM Stage 7. The first to do so was Seoul-based Samsung Medical Center. 

“We decided to work towards INFRAM Stage 7 because we wanted to find ways to improve our infrastructure in order to realize a high-tech, intelligent hospital,” said Dr. Seung Woo Park, chairman of SMC, in a statement.

“The new focus domains and improved INFRAM guidelines allow healthcare provider organizations to improve care delivery, reduce cyber and infrastructure risk, and create a pathway for infrastructure development tied to business and clinical outcomes,” said Toni Laracuente, HIMSS global head of analytics, in a statement. “Utilizing INFRAM will help healthcare systems reduce costs, mitigate risk, and improve outcomes for patients and clinicians alike.”

HIMSS is scheduled to host a launch of the modernized INFRAM on Tuesday, March 12, at 4 p.m. at the HIMSS Connect booth at HIMSS24 in Orlando. Learn more and register.

Mike Miliard is executive editor of Healthcare IT News
Email the writer: mike.miliard@himssmedia.com
Healthcare IT News is a HIMSS publication.

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