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In an effort to ”continue the company’s significant growth and strengthen its position in the market in the coming years”, Cowi is making significant changes in the top part of the organization. 

The maneuver means that the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) will be abolished and that the man in the post, Rasmus Ødum, is no longer with the company after 15 years as part of the Executive Board, according to a press release from the consulting and engineering group.

At the same time, the group management will be expanded to include the heads of the company’s four geographical business units as well as the heads of HR and the engineering and design centers.

”It is not easy to say goodbye to Rasmus, who has been a deeply committed and highly skilled colleague for many years. He is the godfather of many of the initiatives that have enabled COWI to complete challenging projects,” says CEO Jens Højgaard Christoffersen in the announcement.

He says that ”Cowi has delivered around ten percent organic growth in recent years and stands strong despite volatile market conditions.” 

”The world is changing rapidly, both for our customers and for us. We want to assist our customers and partners as strongly as possible in their transition to a more sustainable world, where technological development, green energy and more sustainable materials are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we need a simple management structure and an even stronger group management,” explains Christoffersen.

According to the CEO, the changes mean ”that we can pick up signals and make decisions even faster and more efficiently.”

In addition to Christoffersen, Cowi’s eight-person executive management team now consists of Natalie Shaverdian Riise-Knudsen, Marius Weydahl Berg, Henrik Winther, Michael Bindseil, Birgit Farstad Larsen, Anders Wiktorson and Anne Daugaard Barslund.

(This article was provided by our Danish sister media, EjendomsWatch. Translated using DeepL with additional editing by Catherine Brett)

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