BlackBerry Limited Honored as Company of the Year for Automotive Embedded OS

BlackBerry Limited Honored as Company of the Year for Automotive Embedded OS

In the realm of automotive embedded operating systems, BlackBerry Limited has emerged as a beacon of excellence, recently earning the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Company of the Year. This recognition is a testament to the organization’s relentless pursuit of innovation, leadership in the market and dedication to delivering superior customer service. At the heart of BlackBerry’s success is its BlackBerry® QNX® portfolio, which has been instrumental in driving technological progress and bolstering customer endeavors across a spectrum of embedded markets.

The enterprise’s safety-certified solutions have become a mainstay in the automotive sector, with integration into more than 235 million vehicles and 290 models from 45 different automakers. The influence of BlackBerry’s solutions extends beyond the automotive industry, gaining the trust of leaders in fields such as aerospace, defense, industrial controls, medical, rail and robotics. The firm’s emphasis on intelligent security software and services, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, highlights its commitment to cybersecurity, safety, data privacy, endpoint security management, encryption and embedded systems. The corporation envisions a future that is not only connected but also secure, reliable and trustworthy for every stakeholder involved.

In an effort to advance software-defined vehicles (SDVs), BlackBerry has expanded its partnership with TTTech Auto, a trailblazer in vehicle software for automated and autonomous driving. This collaboration aims to merge the latest QNX Operating System 8.0 with TTTech Auto’s scheduling solutions to create a safety-certified product. This venture is expected to enhance performance, better utilize semiconductors in critical environments such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and refine the design and testing processes. The joint product, which supports scalable architectures, is set to become available by the end of the second quarter of 2024, with full certification projected for the fourth quarter of the same year.

The influence of AI and machine learning is not confined to the automotive industry. It is revolutionizing other sectors, including oil and gas. For instance, MCF Energy, a junior explorer, is employing AI to identify new drilling targets in Austria and Germany, a strategy that is proving to be invaluable for Europe’s pursuit of energy independence. This innovative method is expected to significantly reduce drilling risks and enhance the selection of drilling sites. In parallel, major technology corporations such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services,, Microsoft, IBM, NVIDIA, Palantir Technologies and Brookfield Renewable Corporation are propelling the energy sector forward. By harnessing AI, cloud computing and machine learning, these corporations are optimizing operations, improving exploration efficiency and contributing to a smaller environmental footprint. These advancements signal a transformative era in the oil and gas industry, with AI strategies being increasingly implemented to support diverse applications and aid in the broader energy transition.

BlackBerry Limited’s distinction as Company of the Year in the automotive embedded OS industry underlines its preeminence in technology and customer service. The strategic alliance with TTTech Auto and the forthcoming product launch underscore the corporation’s dedication to innovation and safety within the automotive realm. Moreover, the widespread application of AI and machine learning across various industries signifies a pivotal shift toward more efficient and environmentally friendly operations. These developments paint a picture of a dynamic technological landscape where enterprises like BlackBerry are actively sculpting a secure and interconnected future.2024-03-12T18:46:59.927Z

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