Bionano Genomics Unveils Stratys™ System for Advanced Optical Genome Mapping

Bionano Genomics Unveils Stratys™ System for Advanced Optical Genome Mapping

Bionano Genomics, Inc. has recently transitioned from the early access phase to full commercial release of its Stratys™ system, an innovative high throughput optical genome mapping (OGM) solution. This system is a significant leap in genomics technology, boasting a data generation rate that is up to four times faster than the company’s prior Saphyr® instrument.

Designed to cater to the needs of mid to high-volume laboratories, the Stratys system offers enhanced flexibility and throughput. It is compatible with the latest G2 chemistries and can deliver a sample-to-answer time frame of approximately three days for hematological samples, positioning it as a valuable asset for genome analysis. The system’s capacity to individually process up to 12 single sample chips without batching is a testament to its efficiency and adaptability.

In collaboration with NVIDIA, Bionano Genomics has developed the Stratys™ Compute, a high-performance workstation that utilizes NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) to expedite data processing. This collaboration has yielded a system that enables quicker and more precise genome analysis directly at the laboratory bench, eliminating the need for data center installation.

The Stratys system has been embraced by 10 users in various regions, including Canada, the United States, Europe, and Saudi Arabia, with a total of 11 systems operational as part of the early access program. Esteemed institutions such as BC Cancer – Vancouver, Hamilton Health Sciences, and the National Guard Hospital are among the early adopters. The system has received acclaim from the scientific community, with experts like Alexander Hoischen, PhD, from Radboud University Medical Center, acknowledging its data quality, throughput, and potential for groundbreaking clinical research applications.

The system’s user-centric design, shaped by customer input, is intended to support the variable workflows of laboratories while incorporating the latest in imaging and data processing technologies. It is also designed to be compatible with all current and future automated components of Bionano’s workflow, which encompasses DNA isolation and automated analysis and reporting through VIA™ software.

The introduction of the Stratys system is a significant achievement for Bionano Genomics, underscoring its dedication to innovation and the enhancement of genomic research and diagnostics capabilities. The system’s intelligent design and versatility are crafted to support a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from clinical research to potential future diagnostic applications.

The launch of the Stratys™ system by Bionano Genomics marks a transformative development in optical genome mapping technology. With its increased throughput, adaptability, and advanced computational capabilities, the Stratys system is set to redefine the efficiency and precision of genomic analysis in laboratories around the globe. The company’s focus on innovation is clearly reflected in this new offering, which has been enthusiastically received by the scientific community. As genomics continues to advance, instruments like the will be instrumental in fostering new discoveries and enhancing our comprehension of intricate genetic data.2024-01-24T08:38:09.171Z

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