Alaunos Therapeutics, Inc. Shows Promising Results in TCR-T Cell Therapy and TCR Discovery Platform

Alaunos Therapeutics, Inc. Shows Promising Results in TCR-T Cell Therapy and TCR Discovery Platform$TCRT

Alaunos Therapeutics, Inc. announced its third quarter financial results for the period ending September 30, 2023. The company is currently exploring potential strategic alternatives with Cantor Fitzgerald & Co as its strategic advisor. In order to extend its cash runway, Alaunos has implemented cost-saving measures and reduced its workforce by approximately 80%. These measures are expected to extend the company’s cash runway into the second quarter of 2024.

The company’s TCR-T Library Phase 12 trial showed promising results, with an 87% disease control rate in eight evaluable patients with metastatic, refractory solid tumors. The trial also demonstrated that the TCR-T cell therapy was well tolerated in all treated patients, with no dose-limiting toxicities or immune-related adverse events observed. One patient with non-small cell lung cancer achieved an objective partial response with six months of progression-free survival, while six other patients achieved stable disease. The trial also showed increased secretion of interferon-gamma, suggesting recognition of the tumor by the infused TCR-T cells. These results establish proof-of-concept for the company’s Sleeping Beauty TCR-T cells in treating advanced solid tumors.

Alaunos’ hunTR® TCR discovery platform has identified multiple proprietary TCRs targeting driver mutations, including KRAS and TP53. The company believes that these TCRs have the potential to treat a large patient population. Due to the substantial cost of further development and the current financing environment, Alaunos announced in August 2023 that it would not pursue any further development of its clinical programs.

This decision, the company continues to explore strategic alternatives, which may include an acquisition, merger, reverse merger, sale of assets, strategic partnerships, or capital raises. The company’s focus on cost-saving measures and its promising TCR-T Library Phase 12 trial results make it an attractive choice for potential partners or investors.

Alaunos Therapeutics, Inc. is making significant progress in its TCR-T cell therapy and TCR discovery platform.2024-01-08T05:49:46.213Z

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